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For a Practitioner Grade Vitamin and supplements shop in Woodbridge, Virginia come to Green Health Pharmacy, Functional Medicine Clinic and Natural Pharmacy. We strive to offer the highest quality products that are affordable. The Natural Pharmacy, Natural Health Food or Herbal Shop is natural health food hub that offers groceries, vitamins, whole herbs, supplements, body care and home products.

Our staff is on hand to help you with finding what you are looking for. For great service in Northern Virginia, call on Green Health Pharmacy.

Need a Conventional Pharmacy to fill prescriptions, or a place where they can get to get to the root cause of your condition or simply a natural pharmacy or herbal shop or a natural food shop? Call on our friendly and knowledgeable staff at Green Health.

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Learn More About Green Health Natural Pharmacy (Herbal Shop)

Green Health Pharmacy is a 3 in 1 practice consisting of conventional Pharmacy, Functional Medicine Clinic, and a Natural Pharmacy. We are in located in the heart of Woodbridge in Virginia. Green Health Pharmacy natural pharmacy or herbal shop division, offers medicines, whole herbs, teas, spices, nuts, healthy snacks, dried fruits, organic essential oils, toxin free and natural body care products. We are everything nature intended in our natural pharmacy. We have developed a natural health service for the Prince William and Woodbridge community. Green Health Herbal Shop has become the toast of town, a health nut and a local herbal shop favorite!


Herbal Medicine & Natural Health Services

Green Health Natural Pharmacy and Herbal Shop is a shop offering Alternative Medicines, Natural Health, Herbs, Bulk Herbs, Holistic, Natural Medicine, Spice Market, Holistic services and Medicinal Shop. Combined with its functional medicinal clinic, which focuses on getting to the root cause and using natural means in restoring body’s natural balance and reversal of chronic diseases, this practice has been a force to reckon not just with locals but with our out of state customers who have gotten to know of us through our talks and representations in many media outlets.


Natural Remedies for Ailments

Just about everyone suffers from at least one ailment these days. Some people have chronic pain and inflammation in their backs, knees, or hips. Others have arthritis in their hands, wrists, or elbows. If those aren’t the problem, it’s digestive issues, sleeping problems, anxiety, or depression.

Rather than running to your doctor to get prescription drugs to treat your ailments, take advantage of the alternative medicines and natural health services offered by Green Health Natural Pharmacy and herbal Shop in Woodbridge, Virginia.

The Benefits of Alternative Medicine

We walk you through your holistic medicine options and speak with you extensively about what you have been experiencing and the natural remedies that can help.

The alternative medicines and natural health services that Green Health Natural Pharmacy and Herbal Shop have helped many throughout the years. Here are just a few of the benefits that come along with using holistic medicine and natural remedies as opposed to prescription drugs:

  • Alternative medicines are made using all-natural ingredients that are believed to be more compatible with the human body than synthetic drugs

  • Natural remedies won’t usually subject you to the same long list of side effects that synthetic drugs will

  • Some scientific studies have suggested that holistic medicine may be more effective at treating ailments than their synthetic counterparts

  • Many natural health products cost just a fraction of what synthetic drugs do

Choose the Natural Remedies from Green Health Natural Pharmacy & Herbal Shop

If you’re having a hard time managing chronic pain, are struggling to fall asleep at night, or have been dealing with different ailments that are hindering your ability to live your best life, we would love to help you find some natural health options. We have a wide variety of alternative medicines and natural remedies that could aid what ails you.

Call Green Health Natural Pharmacy and Herbal Shop at 703-670-3640 today for more information on our holistic medicine options and natural health services.

Our Passion

The owners Green Natural Pharmacy share a special passion for healthy living. Many people suffer or have suffered from various physical ailments which have been proven to be a direct byproduct of the food choices they have made over the years. We know from experience and by virtue of our training in functional nutrition and medicine that, committing ourselves to a healthier diet that consists of more natural, unprocessed foods leads to a profound and outstanding healthy body. Research has it such that, gut microbiome improves, pain subsides, increased energy emerges, and life becomes worth living, happier and comfortable.

As health care practitioners and our training as functional nutrition practitioners, we have discovered a world of natural, healthy, and delicious products we never knew existed.

Now, like so many other people, we make a point of living as naturally as possible, from the food we eat, to the skincare regimes we follow, to the supplies we use to clean our homes.

Our Team

Our Natural Food is a department was founded on personal wellbeing. Our team is comprised of health professionals and individuals who have transformed their lives through healthy living. Though we have varying backgrounds and interests, we all share a passion for healthy foods and natural products. We know firsthand how great we feel when we maintain the right diet and use chemical-free products. Our lives have drastically improved because of the changes we’ve made.

Helping Our Clients

Nothing gives us a greater sense of satisfaction than helping a client in need. New customers turn to Green Health Natural Pharmacy to replace the over processed and chemical ridden products in their pantries with all-natural and nutrient-rich alternatives. Our educated staff members are here six days a week to make recommendations and guide you along the path to a more natural, healthy life.

Health and happiness go hand in hand with eating and living more naturally. If you have questions, call us toll free 703-670-3640 or visit us