Stay healthy while traveling

Green Health Pharmacy offers one-stop shopping for all your travel needs–Vaccines, Pharmacist Consultations, Travel Medications, Accessories.

Need travel advise for staying healthy on your next trip?

Our Pharmacist Travel Consultation can help you.Prepare for your next trip with our supply of Travel Accessories.

Keeping you healthy at home and abroad

Travel Consults with a travel specialty pharmacist are available for a $49 fee per person and are available by appointment.  Prescription medications for malaria prevention and treatment for traveler’s diarrhea can be prescribed by our pharmacists as part of the consultation. Please schedule your appointment online below or call the pharmacy to schedule your appointment.

We will review your travel itinerary, look at risk factors for health problems while traveling, review your medical history, review your immunization history and make recommendations for required and recommended vaccines and medications. All vaccines, medications, and over-the-counter products are available at Green Health Pharmacy.

Schedule Note:

You may schedule up to two people ($49 per person) for a single 30-minute consultation. We ask that you schedule multiple appointments for groups largerthan two people. Occasional same-day travel appointments may be available. Call the pharmacy to inquire.

Travel Accessories

Cover many of your travel needs in one stop

You’ll be surprised by how many things for your upcoming trip you can buy in the travel department at Green Health Pharmacy!  We have creative packing solutions, adapters and organizers, accessories for travelling comfortably, accessories to keep your belongings safe and preventative medications to keep you healthy once you arrive at your destination.

  • Eagle Creek Packing Solutions and Travel Accessories
  • Travel Pillows and Eye Masks
  • Compression Socks
  • Electrical Adapters, Batteries, Chargers
  • Travel Size Personal Items – Toiletries, Personal Fans, Comfort Items
  • Sun Hats

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